Lil Scrappy Undergoes Recovery After Hospitalization from Asthma Attack [NEWS]

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy expresses that he is more than grateful to have survived a severe asthma attack that left him hospitalized. The rapper was rushed to Emory Hospital on Tuesday morning, where he was then treated and released.

According to reports he had been drinking heavily on Monday night, and woke up the next morning with struggles breathing and speaking. He shared, “I damn near died … if it weren’t for my driver, mom, and rap artist I would have died.”

Now that he’s no longer hospitalized, Lil Scrappy can work towards finding a sound recovery.

Prodigy Denies Twitter Beef on Hot 97 [NEWS]

In a recent sit-down with radio hosts at Hot 97, Mobb Deep member Prodigy took time to shut down rumours while admitting to fuelling “beef” on Twitter.

There’s been talk about the beef between him and fellow group member Havoc, and though he shares that they used the situation to their advantage, the two are carrying out business as usual.

In the interview Prodigy mentions that in spite of believing that Havoc’s Twitter account was hacked, the two “stepped back and was like, ‘Alright, how can we use this to our advantage?’” He continued saying, “We were like, ‘Alright, we got a record about to drop.’”

Good to know the rumours are cleared and we’ll be hearing more new music from the group!

–Check out the interview here.

Nicki Minaj Closes Twitter Account [NEWS]

Nicki Minaj let her fuse out on Sunday before closing down her Twitter account–leaving millions of online followers taken away by the suddenness of the event.

In response to news about several tracks from her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded being leaked on a fan site called, the raptress vented online saying, “Like seriously, it’s but so much a person can take.”

There’s no word on whether or not she’ll get back to Tweeting anytime soon, but according to reports Nicki was sure to leave followers with a strong “Good f—ing bye,” before shutting down her account!

Oprah Makes History in Toronto [NEWS]

Media icon Oprah Winfrey made history in Toronto, Canada as thousands of fans gathered outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre early Monday morning hoping to be part of Oprah’s largest Lifeclass audience to date.

The visit to the nation’s largest city was part of “Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour”, which brought along guests like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzent and Deepak Chopra.

An audience of around 8,500 members led Oprah to remark at one point, “I am feeling the love in Canada…[t]his is so great you all came and you knew Beyonce isn’t here.”

Clearly Ms. Winfrey’s still working her charm, as both shows scheduled for Monday sold-out in minutes, leaving fans to purchase last minute individual tickets priced as high as $1000 on Craigslist and $600 on Kijiji!

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Prince Loses $4 Million Lawsuit Against Fragrance Company [NEWS]

Prince recently landed himself on the wrong end of the bargain stick after losing to a $4 million lawsuit launched by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics.

The New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of the company on April 13, after the company alleged in 2006 that the singer failed to promote their fragrance line “3121″, which was inspired by Prince’s album of the same name.

It was reported that he pulled out of the company’s ad campaign at the last minute, in spite of the agreement made to invest $2.5 million in licensing and give Universal a 50 per cent share of the proceeds if he upheld the contract.

Intruder Breaks Into Diddy's Mansion [NEWS]

Looks like media mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was in for an unpleasant surprise after hearing that a strange intruder had broken into his East Hampton mansion on April 1.

Officers were called immediately after 30-year-old Quamine Taylor was spotted by Diddy’s caretaker. Surprisingly, the break-in wasn’t the first made by Taylor–who shares with The Post, “I’ve actually been going to the house from time to time since 2001.” He goes on saying, “I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there.” 

Unlike the first time Taylor was caught intoxicated in Diddy’s pool, this incident lasted nearly 24 hours as he raided the celebrity’s fridge and closet parading around in Puffy’s clothes.

Furthermore, Taylor’s mother shares that her son has a long history of mental illness and grew up listening to the rapper’s music. However, according to reports Taylor faces trespassing and petit larceny charges and has not posted $2,000 bail.

Sounds like Diddy might need to step up his security game!

Beyonce Gets a Personal Response from the First Lady, Michelle Obama [NEWS]

In her cycle of motherhood Beyonce recently took time to pen a note of appreciation for the First Lady, who responded via Twitter saying, “@Beyonce Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. –mo”

Looks like Bee’s gone Presidential! Check out what she had to say here.

Rihanna's Brother Speaks Out About Her Love Life, Calling Chris Brown Her Soul-Mate

Rihanna’s younger brother Rorrey Fenty closed in with the press in a recent sit-down with Heat Magazine. The interview—which hit stands, goes in on Rihanna’s profiled love life and of course Chris Brown was at the center of the talk.

“Rihanna and Chris were great together, they were like soul mates,” Rorrey told Heat mag. “But it’s a very sensitive subject. I just blank it out and I think she blanks it out, too,” he says referring to the events leading to the couple’s breakup.

Though he admitted to being a bit protective of his older sister, Rorrey hints that Chris might be the right fit for Rihanna. He mentions, “She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She needs a man who likes to do the stuff she likes doing, someone laidback and fun-loving.”

It also turns out that previous rumours of Rihanna and Drake hooking up in the past were in fact true, as Rorrey shares: “Drake and Rihanna used to be together—and he’s a pretty cool dude.”

So with that rumour dismissed, everyone’s probably wondering what the future looks like for Ri Ri and Breezy…

Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Charged With Second-Degree Murder [NEWS]

Everyone’s watching as justice unfolds with prosecutors announcing the arrest of Sanford, FL neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The 28-year-old has now been charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Trayvon Martin–the unarmed 17-year-old black teen who was approached and shot by Zimmerman on February 29.

Zimmerman was not charged or arrested 43 days following the murder, in spite of admitting to shooting Trayvon Martin. This sparked the attention of global media as supporters like Rev. Al Sharpton joined Trayvon’s family to rally for their son’s justice.

In a recent interview with the Today show, Trayvon’s mother Sabrina Fulton expressed “I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control. And he couldn’t turn the clock back.”

And while the “Stand Your Ground” law is not being considered in Zimmerman’s defense, he’s still holding his stance and pleading not-guilty on his count of self-defense. A day before his arrest on April ll, Zimmerman’s attorneys announced that they would no longer represent the case after several failed attempts of contacting him.

As he appeared in court today–April 12, Zimmerman confirmed that he has legal representation and understands the conditions by which he’s being prosecuted.

–Watch the prosecutor’s public statement here.

Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Launch Book & Tour America to End Poverty [NEWS]

Talk show host and author Tavis Smiley teams up with Cornel West for the launch of their book titled “The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto”. The two intend to sweep the nation with change, while Smiley stands by his word of furthering his campaign efforts to end poverty in America.

“What happened to the old poor now threatens the new poor,” he states. “It is true ‘where there is no hope for the future, there is no power in the present.’”

West adds, “When America gets serious about something, we can move proverbial mountains.” He continues, “If we become serious about dedicating ourselves to finding solutions to eradicating poverty, we would surely see a change in 10, 15, or 25 years.”

The two are set to tour throughout the U.S. promoting their book. Hope they get enough support on this initiative!

–Visit this link for more on the book, tour and campaign.